March Video Roundup

Published On April 1, 2013 | By Adam C. | ARMA, News

March might have been our best month yet. With the release of the Arma 3 alpha, our community has been making new content and better yet, new videos to demonstrate our playstyle. Here is the best selection of last month’s games.

One of my personal favorite videos is xxxXXXsaygeHEADSH0TXXXxxx’s amazing sniping ability. We at ClearBackblast value our snipers above all, and routinely use nothing but thermal scoped .50 cal sniper rifles for all of our infantry.

Next up we have xxTHENDASHERRYDAYxx’s quickscoping skills. Quickscoping is not an easy thing to do in Arma, and his unbelievable ability is a shining beacon to us all. Additionally, the video highlights our favorite music to shoot mans to (dubstep) and how it helps us concentrate in the thick of battle.

Finally there’s xxXXSNIPERZQUANTUSXXxx’s video. I love how he combines the epic music with our gameplay footage, giving our games the action movie¬†essence we think it deserves.

That’s it for March. As always, please subscribe to these channels if you want to stay completely up to date with out videos. If you wish to take part, please look at the Join Us tab above. With the introduction of ACRE into Arma 3, hopefully we’ll be able to run some larger games there in April and come out with some great videos. Until next month, adios!

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